The „​IN.KAMS – International Key Account Management & Sales”​ project aims to realize, pilot, disseminate and systematize a new University-based learning program focused on International Sales & Key Account Management, which enables the development of International Sales & Key Account Management skills, with innovative, interactive modes.

The project’s aim is to respond to a series of critical issues: intellectual unemployment, paucity of degree programs on sales management in European universities, episodic forms of synergies between universities and companies, that instead represent a key factor for competitiveness in the ET2020 strategy; the project involves the design of the new training curriculum, the creation of OER (Open Educational Resources), in line with the needs emerging, undertaking company check-ups in SMEs to gather information and data to guide SMEs in the organization of strategic courses to improve planning and control of sales processes, and also to apply innovative teaching methodologies (movie education) and guide students in the Improvement Laboratory of Storytelling to conceive.

The IN.K.A.M.S. project involves 11 partners from 5 EU countries (Italy, Spain, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Poland) from the academic, training and chamber systems.